Notable updates

27_color_Norbert_Chevrier_HS_plaque•  In June of 1999, Félix Chevrier was honored by Yad Vashem as “Righteous Among the Nations.” Reine and In October of 2000, Irène (Reine) and Renée Paillassou were given the same honor in 1983.

•  In November of 1999, the grammar school in St. Pierre de Fursac (of which Chabannes is a hamlet), was renamed the “Ecole Félix Chevrier” (“Félix Chevrier School”) in his honor.

•  In October of 2000, Reine and Renée Paillassou were honored with the French Legion of Honor in Cannes, thanks to the making of “The Children of Chabannes.”

•  In January of 2008, the Boulevard Renée et Irène Paillassou, connecting Cannes to Cannet in France, was named as a street of memory in their honor.

33_bw_Renee_and_Reine_La_Legion_D'Honneur•  In June 2014, we donated all of our raw footage from “The Children of Chabannes” to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s archives in Washington D.C.  The footage and interviews transcripts are now available for all, by clicking here.